The VIP Room

Relaxing poolside at Sumatra's hideaway in the Hamptons

The Vegas gang were having another party at Frankie Sumatra's retreat in the Hamptons. The pool was well stocked with Playboy bunnies, mafiosa, faded lounge singers and Thai Lady Boys as usual. Hip Hop impressario P Diddy and the Diddy Men dropped in from their neighbouring crib, kickin' that millionaire Hamptons ghetto vibe. An impromtu poolside party burst into life when D.J. Louis Theroux set up his turntables and dropped some of those stone cold funky gangsta grooves. Rapper B Surreal and his crew stepped up to the mic. We had Death Row Inmate No.9, Big Punishing Mo Fo and M.C.Death from Above keepin' it surreal and entertaining the troops by singing well crafted songs about hos, niggas and bitches while grabbing their crotches suggestively in a rudimentary mating ritual much favoured by the rap community. The Hampton playboy millionaires were getting "down with the street" most righteously and surfin' on that ghetto vibe. P Diddy then demanded a sack of "dead presidents" from Sumatra for his crew's troubles. Frankie though is from the old school. Back in the day when gangsta meant Sam Giancana and Santo Trafficante rather than some clowns in dungarees and bandanas. Suffice to say the Diddy Men were told to go see Ken Dodd about their wages and "escorted" from the property.
Blissful normality resumed as Sumatra "cranked up the boomin' system" and the mellifluous sounds of "Sinatra Live at the Sands" filled the air once more.

Another Vegas high roller makes a sizeable withdrawal from the Bank of Elvis

Carlos Campari and Willie Sudden flashing the cash

Carlos Campari of the Cali chicken juggling cartel receives payment for another hot "poultry" consignment

Two guys hoping their stategy of posing beside a foxy chick will get their photo on the website

A rhinestone cowboy looking for a star-spangled rodeo

Leo Sayer's in the house

Vegas cats have a relaxed and friendly approach to firearms

Don't mess with Bugsy's baby faced enforcers

Looks like the rhinestone cowboy's in the right place after all

put your shirt on no.9

swingin' in the Stardust Lounge

When arriving at Vegas a stretch limo with in-car jacuzzi, cocktail bar and Olympic size swimming pool creates maximum impact

Mr.Sumatra who let your kid sister in?


The Spice Girls Mark 2? We won't compromise Bugsy's "babe magnet" status by saying which of these lovely lasses is his daughter.


Moustachioed Mafiosa

Vegas's resident digicam demon Fryer lets the chicks worship at the Temple of Love

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