The VIP Room

Big Jacuzzi

So here’s the deal: We’re sittin’ in the hot tub at the Bellagio Hotel on the Strip when word comes in that his royal Hefness has just accepted a hot new consignment from the bunny factory. Dino gets the embalmed entrepreneur of erotica otherwise known as “the Playcadaver” on the phone and tells him to jump in the private Playjet and head for Vegas with the chicks in tow. Bugsy has just finished installing the Vegas “uberjacuzzi” and although adequately stocked with Thai lady boys, fading lounge singers and celebrity chefs he could use the voluptuous assets of Hef’s summer collection to “up the ante” aesthetically. His royal Hefness is too frail to travel and requests live footage of the jacuzzi frolics to be relayed back to the Playboy Mansion for “educational purposes”. Frankie spots a business opportunity and convinces a major network to bankroll his plans to rebuild the Sands casino in return for syndication rights to the series “Big Jacuzzi”. Each week viewers get to vote someone out of hot tub but the rules of the show dictate that departing bunnies can be replaced with an even more youthful replacement. For the viewers the unmistakeably bittersweet, regret-tinged, experience of watching Miss June’s aerobicised assets disappear out of the hot tub into a future of fleeting C List celebrity status is mitigated by the certain knowledge that Miss July on her way. This show could run and run.

OK who let this mob in? Bugsy we got a situation.

Showgirls, cowgirls, who cares as long as we’ve got the girls.

I blame Johnny Depp for kick starting that whole 70’s drug baron chic

Three Amigos

Vegas showgirls in their natural habitat

Whaddya mean this isn’t a 70’s club?

Bugsy and Eva

Watching the spinning wheel spin

The guy behind the guy behind the guy

Gratuitous crowd scene

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