The VIP Room

The ever expanding Vegas jacuzzi of Love

Sumatra and the gang were sunning themselves poolside at Dino Martini's cabana in the Hollywood hills. As ever the jacuzzi was filled with the usual collection of faded lounge singers, mafiosa, playboy bunnies and celebrity chefs. On this particular evening the hot tub had to be specially enlarged to accomodate the large number of hangers on. The ever beauteous, waif-like Corr sisters from the top Irish beat combo were in town as was All-Lanarkshire ballroom dance champion and chicken enthusiast Julio Gilzean and his entourage. Archie Archibalds' Big Band,the Hughie McAvoy Ceilidh Experience and the Hamilton Police Pipe Band gatecrashed the party hoping for some jacuzzi proximity with the perky Irish songstresses. However regular Vegas swingers Ann Widdicombe, Brian Souter, John McCririck, a Thai Lady Boy friend of Dino's who's name I forget, Bobby Davro, Clarissa Dickson Wright, Dale Winton and the housewife's choice himself Richard Madely were already installed in the tub of Love. Vegas jacuzzi disaster!

Bugsy catches Dino "in flagrante delicto" with a Thai lady boy who's name we've withheld for legal reasons

Frankie and Lola

It's a difficult job but Bugsy's got to do itl

Looking good in the leopard print grotto of love

Spectacle- ular

Annie get your gun

M.C. Bugsy rockin' da house Vegas style

Hats are always in vogue at Vegas

Frankie & Dino
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