The VIP Room

BBVD rock the casa at the Glasgow Barras

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy rocked the house most righteously at the Vegas Barrowlands extravaganza. Jetting in direct from L.A. the world's most swinging band blew the Vegas faithful away with a 90 minute set of scintillating swing. Packing more punch than Tyson these cats arrived on stage with more panache than Hamed ,more power than Smokin' Joe Frazier and more swagger than Ali. With the drummer laying down a solid but polyrythmic jungle groove reminiscent of Gene Krupa on benzedrine the Big Bad Voodoo band unleashed a set of such awesome intensity, energy, musicianship and style that most of the limp rock and hip-hop bands who currently ply their trade in the business of show should do the right thing, give up now and go find a proper job. Not for BBVD the earnest,shoe gazing, "dog ate my giro" miserabilsm of current rock leviathans like Travis, Coldplay et al. Instead we were treated to 90 minutes of non-stop party music from a band who know how to work a crowd. Immaculate showmen, incredible musicians and a great bunch of guys who were happy to hang around later on talking to their new fans and dancing to the swinging sounds of Vegas supremo Frankie Sumatra. Did we like this band? You better believe it buddy. And the good news is they loved the show and can't wait to come back to Scotland. Oh and a big thank you to the crowd, the most amazingly dressed bunch of swinging cats and kittens ever to grace a club. We wish we could have taken more photos but sadly we were all too busy having a good time. Don't worry next time we'll do better we promise!

Sax appeal

BBVD horn section in action

The ever suave Dirk on bass

The Kid

Vegas showgirls posing for a pre match team photo

Vegas swingers

Bugsy at the Barras

Looking good girls

An officer and a gentleman

Your friendly cashiers at the Bank of Elvis

The incomparable Scotty

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