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Vegas on tour

Non stop Vegas action in August with The Renfrew Ferry, The Spiegeltent and Ego in quick succession. Our resident digicam demon Funkmaster Fryer was sunning himself at his vacation retreat in the Hollywood Hills and so sadly missed the fabulous Spiegeltent extravaganza, a most unfortunate turn of events as it was widely agreed to be one of the best Vegas events since the last Spiegeltent shindig in 1999. However we shall consign that evening to the legendary status it so richly deserves and if you weren't there you'll just have to imagine the sartorial splendour of the assembled swingers. The Renfrew Ferry was a nicely mellow occasion after the exertions of the Barrowlands event. As ever Ego was hot, hot, hot with cats and kittens swinging above and beyond the call of duty to a most commendable 4.30 a.m.

Everything you need to get your photo on the Vegas website but the "kitsch"-in sink

Kyles "Safari Suit" Dignall and Big G looking suave and relaxed as ever

these guys know there's only one way for the dressed down gentleman to get his photo on the Vegas website: stand behind a pretty girl!


Limbo champion demonstrating his technique

The pink wig girls and Mr.Mariachi

Lucy La Bamba

The King and Prescilla

Nice wig

Your friendly Renfrew Ferry security man enjoying some Glaswegian banter with Lucy

Lola and Dino welcoming the Vegas crowd to the Ferry

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