The VIP Room

The Stars come out at Vegas

As ever the stars of the show at Vegas are the crowd. Another big thanks to all you hepcats, hipsters, gangsters and their molls, wise guys and dolls, cool cats and kitsch kittens for helping to make Vegas the stylish and sartorially splendid club it is today. There is no doubt that the swinging patrons of Vegas are the most amazing, amusing, artistic, beautiful, breathtaking, charismatic, creative, civilised, charming, delicious, delightful, decadent, extravagant, extroverted, fun, fabulous, fashionable, friendly, glittering, glamourous, hip, hedonistic, heavenly, inspirational, idiosyncratically innovative, joyous, kitsch, libidinous, lascivious, lithe, multi-faceted, magnificent, naughty but nice, ostentatious, opulent, playful, polymorphously perverse, quixotic, relaxed, rakish, swinging, stylish, sartorially splendid, stupendous, sexy, tremendous, unique, unrivalled, vibrant, vivacious, vigorous, varied, witty, winsome, wonderful, x-rated, youthful yet zimmer-friendly clubbers in contemporary clubland.

Tony T in da house

Lola and friend

M.C.Otis looking good!

Willie and a cat in a hat

Swing dancers in action

Kyles "Safari Suit" Dignall looking stylish as ever

Another unusual Vegas fashion statement

The girl in the Vegas hat

Nice suit

Not another photo of Big G surely!

More swingers

A nicely judged hat is all you need to be a Vegas swinger

A couple of wise guys

Swingin' in the Stardust Lounge

Dino Martini in his natural habitat : the Leopard Print Grotto of Love

The Hawaiian shirt cult continues to grow

Boas abound

The Hawaiian shirt seems to be working

Lola and Lucy La Bamba

Sharp dressed man

More pin-striped action

The King and Prescilla perhaps

Vegas showgirls in pre-match team talk
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