The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego on Saturday 11.01.03

Vegas swung right into 2003 with a fantastic night at Ego. What a sensational soiree fully stocked with stylish swingers, happening hepcats and glamourous glitterati.

Daisy Diamond

Kylos and "missstree" companion



dancing close

As George Clooney and Lola Las Vegas will confirm crutches are this month's de rigeur fashion accessory

Vegas wise guy

Bugsy, Sam and da guyz

our limbo champion

stylish swingers

the Seagulls

cool cats


worshipping at the temple of Vegas


mixmaster of mystery Frankie Sumatra

Dino Martini

our glamourous Vegas gals

stylish sophisticats


hair raising experience


Captain Hefner


stunning Vegas showgirls

it's a stick up


swingin' tonight
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