The VIP Room

Vegas Hogmanay Party at The Sculpture Court, Edinburgh College of Art on 31.12.02

Where in the world could you find a hipper, more happening New Year's party than Vegas, Edinburgh? That's right swingers, nowhere on this sweet swingin' sphere swung more superbly than the Sculpture Court at Hogmanay.

the VIP entrance

Jack the Hat and Mrs. Seagull

hold your horse right there hepcats

lounge lizard

swingin' into 2003

high rollers

on stage action

in the shade

big hair and Bicardi breezers

Vegas glamour

stylishly attired

Vegas fashion is a broad church indeed

cool cats

Vegas wise guys

Marilyn and her military man

Willie the Cat and compadre

a chick in a hat never fails to impress

the Lone Ranger and Tonto

Willie the Cat makes a new friend


Vegas swingers



cool dress



Elvis and companion



Bugsy's daughter and friend


these Seagull gals have got be sisters surely?


your friendly bar staff


the cat in the silver jacket


Marilyn and Dino


Captain Hefner in da house


Vegas in full swing



Master G and amigo


gangster chic

bunnies a go go


the captain of your ship
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