The VIP Room

Vegas at The Ferry on Saturday 01.02.03

What a night aboard the Ferry! A sensational night. Not only did we have a boat load of stylish swingers we also had the long awaited return of Venus Gambino (in a non working capacity), the ever stylish Master G, the sartorially meticulous Fezmaster General, Kylos of Khartoum (aka Kylos The Jackal) but we also had a *very* special guest in da house. Vegas supremo The Chairman flew in from Acapulco to rally the troops and make sure the swing quotient was up to scratch. Needless to say the befezzed Chairman, with his minder The Jackal in tow (behind every good jackal is a great monkey), won friends and influenced people, walked away with the best dressed monkey competition, shared a bottle of champagne with a horde of female admirers in typical Chairman style and even had time to nudge Frankie off the decks long enough to drop a swingin' version of "I Wanna Be Like You" on an unsuspecting dancefloor. Kylos and Master G's impromptu dance routine to "Ehi, Cumpari" will live long in the memory but even they had to admit they'd been upstaged by the cheeky wee monkey.

The Chairman enjoying a nice bottle of Chardonnay

Venus, Carlo, Kylos and The Chairman

Venus is back in town

arriving at the Ferry

stylish swingers

more stylish swingers

Rik Flick and friend

mum & daughter? Surely they've got to be sisters?

Bugsy tending his showgirl flock


fun at Vegas


Dancefloor action


Annie and The Chairman engage in a little monkey business

Elvis would be proud of that sneer


dancing tight

The Chairman, his minder and the gals


Dino, The Fezmaster and da boss

striking a pose


more dancefloor style

The Chairman with his "Best Dressed Monkey" award


The Chairman wins friends and influences people

gin and gr-APE-fruit please


M.C. da Chairman
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