The VIP Room

Vegas at The Oran Mor, Glasgow on Saturday the 26th March 2005

Vegas made it's debut at the salubrious and opulent Oran Mor and what a night it was! The elegant surroundings provided the perfect setting for a night of moonlight, martinis, roulette, romance, blackjack and marvellous musical entertainment. A veritable constellation of swingin' supernovae congregated in the Vegas sky and glittered like the superstars they truly are. Thanks to each and every one of you: your brilliance, as always, illuminated the event.

the opulant Oran Mor

Elvis Prestwick and his entourage

Rick and the gang

Dino Martini and his limbo lovelies

Venus Las Vegas

fun and frolics at Vegas

Don Marco and companion

fabulous femme fatales

wise guy and his doll

dancefloor diva

groovin' at the Oran Mor

cowboy and his gal

the lady in red and her guy

swingin' tonight

when boas attack!

Bugsy and Mark from the Ferry

fabulous 50s fashion

cool couple

stylish senorita

glamorous gals

in the bag!

the joint is packed

Elvis Prestwick

confidential capers

Frankie's big black box of musical marvels

Frankie Sumatra

swell-egant swingers

dancefloor at the Oran Mor

looking good!

cool compadre

Best-dressed winner

Easter Egg extravaganza

Miss St. Tropez & Laura


Miss St. Tropez

leopard-print lounger

sophisticated lady

Rick Hudson and the gals

A star-lit night at the Oran Mor

The Renfrew Ferry crew

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