The VIP Room

Vegas at The Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh on Saturday the 2nd April 2005

What a night it was when New York met Vegas in Leith! The Jet Set Six and The World Famous Pontani Sisters travelled all the way from the Big Apple to join the Vegas team for a fabulous evening at the Ocean Terminal. It was a pleasure and a privilege to present these two fabulous acts from New York to the Vegas cognoscenti and we look forward to seeing them again very soon. Nicer people than those guys and gals it would be impossible to find in the Wide World of Entertainment. And many thanks to all the hipsters, hepcats, kitsch kittens, lounge lizards and swingers who converged on the Ocean Terminal and helped to make it such a fantastic night. We're already looking forward to getting back there in August

stylish senorita and her main man

happenin' hipster

John from the Jet Set Six

honkin' horns

Sven, Kylos and JB

JB's amigo? the blazerati are back!

the Vegas showgals

the three amigos


gangsta guys

glamorous gals

NYPD in full effect

classy lassies

Vegas showgirls relaxing in their natural habitat

JSS swinging on stage

Rick Hudson

Bugsy on da phone

military man

lounge lizards

guys and dolls

guys and dolls pt. 2

stylish swingers

a life on the ocean wave

Vegas: 3 gals for every guy!

cool couple

fun and frolics at Vegas

Vegas in full swing

on-stage with the gals

cocktail capers

glamorous gal and bodacious bunny

swinging the night away

lookin' good in Leith

gangster buddies

dynamite dames

more stylish swingers

amazing hair-raising hairdo

relaxing at the OT

cool cats

rock 'n' roller and his gal

divine divas

Flight lieutenant Hudson

Come fly with Rick

Sophisticats relaxing at the bar

lookin' good

classy couple

Napoleonic invasion

Bugsy & Dino

swell-egant senorita

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