The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh on Saturday the 12th March 2005

Vegas returned to Ego for another swingin' affair in the capital city. It must be said that the standard of sartorial splendour on display from the assembled audience of hipsters, hepcats, cool kitties and sophisticats was amongst the highest seen at Vegas for many a long day. No verbal hyperbole would suffice to convey the elegance of the assembled entourage, the pizazz of the party people, the chutzpah of the cognoscenti, the hipness of the hedonists or the glamour of the glitterati so I'll give my keyboard a well-deserrved rest and let the photos do the talking.....

Move over Surf City! In Vegas we've got 3 gorgeous gals to every guy!

Bugsy and Jack the Hat

Sam Jose from the USA

cool kitty

black and white Bugsy and mean and moody monochrome Sam

loungin' in the Stardust Casino

glamorous gals

Bugsy, Jack and Dino

cool cowboy and his stunning sidekicks

swell-egant swingers

Miss St. Tropez

fabulous fairy

delightful dames

pink ladies

Miss St. Tropez and her pet pooch

in-flight hostess with the mostest

pretty in polka-dots

Doug-O ~ one cool compadre

stars and stripes

dancefloor divas

Dino Martini

best-dressed business

and the winner is....

classy lassie

super showgirl

striking a pose

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