The VIP Room

Vegas at eGo (Edinburgh) on Saturday the 24th FEBRUARY 2007

Another stunningly spectacular Vegas night on-board the fabulous floatin' Ferry, with a glittering gang of grinning Glaswegians! The night was packed full of dynamic dancing, with the crowd swingin' and swayin' all night long!

Fabulous smiles, and fabulous styles!

Wild Card Kitty - the Lady In Red!

Ruby Diamond counts the cash!

Frankie Sumatra, Amber Alabama, Ruby Diamond & Bugsy Seagull

Amber Bugsy & Ruby in a classic Vegas pose!

Amber Alabama, the debonair Frankie Sumatra, and Ruby Diamond

Dancefloor action!

Stunning smile, and a super-stylish hat!

The rest of the gang went that-away!

Spectacular outfit, and what a hair-do!

Fabulous mask, and a sensational smile!

A smiling trio of gorgeous, glamorous gals!

Another happy couple at Vegas!

Sam Jose - the Man from Del Monte - shakin' it on the dancefloor!

Ruby Diamond & Nikki Nevada with the Limbo Dancing champion!

Amber with the 'best-dressed' winner!

"Most Stylishly Dressed" contenders

Two gal-pals havin' tons of fun on the 'Ferry!

Definately 'in-the-swing' on the dance floor!

"Smiling" Sam scrutinising the social soiree!

Fun & laughter on the dance floor of the 'Ferry!

A Naval Officer and a Gentleman - leading a lady astray?

Stylish, swingin' and smiling!

Two stylish gals with fabulous smiles!

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