The VIP Room

Vegas at eGo (Edinburgh) on Saturday the 10th MARCH 2007

March madness was clearly in evidence at Vegas on yet another brilliant night and, once again, there were more spectacular outfits on display from the assembled cats & kittens. Downstairs in the Cocteau Lounge, the Stardust Casino was, as ever, packed with high-rollers having a great time at the blackjack & roulette tables'. Upstairs, Frankie Sumatra played all the tunes that made absolutely sure that the evening was full of dancin' & romancin'!

Mobster-style headwear - a natty hat, sir!

A Komrade from the Kremlin? DA!

Fun fur, bling-tastic, and a great smile!

Fabulous smile, and a cool cap!

Lucky swing-dancer in a clinch with Tamsin Tennessee!

Matching MC hat and Showgirl feathers - what can it mean?

Dino Martini, appearing in his 'relaxed' Vegas style...

Dance-floor action!

Contenders on-stage for the 'most stylishly dressed' competition!

Superbly stylish, with great grins!

Everyone's in the swing of things on the dance floor.

Fully braced for a great night!

This space available for free advertising!

The hat, tie & suit - he's got the Vegas look!

Socialising in style at Vegas!

Being an MC at Vegas is thirsty work!

WOW! Two superbly stylish Vegas patrons!

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