The VIP Room

Vegas at the Ego 01.12.01

The last Vegas of the year at Ego was an astoundingly busy affair with huge queues of swingers, sophisticats, hipsters, hepcats, wise guys and dolls, gangsters and their molls lined up from doors open. Sadly we couldn't accomodate everyone and apologies to those who missed out. But what a night for those lucky enough to get in. A superb crowd as usual and a high standard of sartorial elegance. The camera doesn't lie and here's a batch of photos from our resident digicam demon Funkmaster Fryer to prove once again that Vegas really is the hippest, most happening party in town.

Even off-duty showgirls choose Vegas: the first choice of the discerning clubber

Vegas wise guy

Willie "Ladies Man" Sudden scores again!

Our lovely Vegas showgirls in action

The sacred and the profane

More Vegas style

The Rat Pack's back

Relaxing in the Lounge

Big "G" and Kyles strike a pose

The "G" Man and the Kylester impressing the ladies

Nice shirt!

Vegas mobster

Not these guys again

Another effortlessly stylish member of the Vegas glitterati
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