The VIP Room

The Vegas Christmas Party

A swinging shindig to celebrate Christmas in Vegas was held at the small but perfectly formed Counting House in W.Nicolson Street. Just enough room for a couple of hundred swingers and the cat in the red suit. Saint Nick had something in his sack for all the good children and his henchmen Frosty the Snowman and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer made sure the bagman had plenty back up. Dino, Frankie, Bugsy and the Vegas mob got a few tips from Santa about his worldwide distribution and are planning to export uncut swinging sounds far and wide in the next twleve months. Dino for one is off to his holiday home in Australia where he'll be entertaining Thai Lady Boys and faded lounge singers poolside when not tending the sheep dip at the Philosophy Department of the University of Wallamazoo.

A swinging affair

Tu vuo fa la Mexicano?

Rudolf's lucky night

The bespectacled cat in the red suit and the lovely Dede Las Vegas

Funkmaster Fryer in full-on "Shaun Ryder" mode

Nice suits

An imposter tries to muscle into "the loud shirt brigade"'s turf

Where's your black shirts now then?

Vegas swingers looking good despite a gratuitous George Duffin in the background

Medallion man looking good!

Local celebrity Kips fails to impress Frankie with his "anteater" impersonation

Looking good at Vegas

The black hat boys are in town!

A feather in her cap

OK who said this was a 70's night?

Vegas is the place for getting to know people

Bugsy and Dino

More cool threads at Vegas

"Love Machine" Kips after a few shandies

"Duracell Bunny" Kips regaling Frankie with tales of "Temptation Island"

Not him again

Relaxation is the key as ever

The Vegas girls looking good as ever

More mafiosa

Bugsy swinging the night away
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