The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego 12.01.02

It's January in Vegas but the joint is packed with sugar daddies and sin-derellas, good fellas and good-time girls, gangsters and their molls, wise guys and dolls, atomic cats and cold war kittys havin' a ball. Lots of photographic evidence of the shenanigans this month. Keep on dressing up and coming on down to the most extravagant club in town and we'll keep posting your photos on the website folks. What a way to launch Vegas 2002!

serious roulette action

Bugsy, Dino and showgirls a go-go

It was this big

Venus and Lola's kid sister

Copacabana capers

relaxation is the key as ever

Lounging in the Stardust Lounge

wigs, hats, facial hair and, of course, large guns

what's going on over there?

Bugsy's baby faced mobsters

A nicely judged hat never goes wrong at Vegas

don't spend it all in the one casino

relaxed and friendly is the Vegas vibe

more facial hair and firearm frolics

French maids need to relax too

swinging stars of Vegas

more fancy dance moves

Kips and Fryer in thoughtful mood

Elegantly dressed for the occasion

Ok these are the mobsters you DON'T want to mess with


On stage frolics

Another pose from the Lola's shy and retiring sister

striking a pose

wise guys relaxing in their natural habitat

we're getting very relaxed now

stars in his eyes

Lola's kid sister once more

Fryer and friend

showgirl gossip

don't worry girls it WAS a gun in my pocket!
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