The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego 09.02.02

Another night of hedonism at the legendary den of depravity that is Vegas. The citadel of sin that we call Ego was packed with worshippers at the temple of excess. The Vegas congregation celebrated the holy trinity of booze, broads and blackjack with commendable devotion. The illicit thrills provided by the intoxicating combination of gambling, hard liquor, showgirls, wise guys and the seductive soundtrack of the Devil's music provided by Vegas vinyl villians Frankie, Dino, Bugsy and Sam contribute to an atmosphere reminiscent of prohibition-era speakeasy meets debauched party at Hugh Hefner's pad. Can't wait for the next one swingers.

hats and threads de rigeur as always

showgirls and dollars are always an intoxicating combination

more girls and money

a cigarette holder a cocktail dress a casual shirt and the ubiquitous hat

a stylish suit complemented by a nicely judged hat always attracts the ladies

cats in hats swinging the night away

good fellas and guns albeit one hat shy of a full complement

a typically diverse selection of swingers, style gurus and casual bystanders but not as many hats as might be expected

Even more cats in hats

sports jackets, wigs and eyebrows but no hats
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