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Vegas at Ego 04.05.02

A great night at Ego in Edinburgh. And some of the most amazing outfits yet! Just take a look at some of these great photos taken by our new in-house photographer Danny Diamante. I think you'll agree these hipsters and hepcats are some of the most sylish swingers ever to grace a nightclub.

Dino savouring a nice Cuban cigar

a red boa and a black dress is always a winning combination

More Vegas style

Flower power

Place your bets

Limbo: how low can you go?

Limbo winner and prize

sports jackets are always a good option

now that's what I call a head-dress!


limbo action

this look could catch on

cool cat

Danny Diamante and consort

Bugsy and the girls

braced for action

Danny gets into the picture

Stardust Lounging

another wild night at Vegas

the red beret

the legendary Craig McMurdo and partner

more Stardust Loungers

you can't beat fine tailoring

looking good

relaxing in the lounge

Bugsy and Dino

lady in red

Hawaiian shirts, shades and cowboy hats always work

stylish and relaxed: the essence of Vegas

the gentleman and the showgirl

elegant in black
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