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Vegas Bank Holiday Sunday at The Renfrew Ferry 05.05.02

Vegas returned to the West Coast for a Bank Holiday Special at the Renfrew Ferry on the 5th May. And what a great night it was. Lots of fabulously dressed movers and groovers as ever and a really nice atmosphere. You never know this bank holiday caper might just be repeated in the future. As you can see we've got loads of great photos from the evening for your delectation and delight.

debonair, elegant and stylish always works

wise guys and bunnies is a popular look too

arriving expectantly at the most swinging club in the land

relaxing on the balcony

50's style is always in favour

Rick Hudson in action

impressive shirt!

more stylish Vegas sophisticats

swinging socialites


d.j. and shades is always a good choice

Dancefloor style


show us the money bunnies!

dancefloor drama

Martin Hollywood and fiance

Fifi and friend

Sam and Fifi

sartorial style to the fore on the floor

Sam Jose looking mean and moody

dancefloor action

looking cool at the bar

enjoying a well earned rest

Fifi finds a few more friends

wise guys

this guy's popular
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