The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh on Saturday 03.05.03

Vegas hosted the Armstrong's retro fashion show at Ego and as Kylos the Jackal would say, in his own inimitbale style, "what a rumbustious rumpus" it was. Fun, fashion and fabulous frolics into the wee sma' hours.

Carlo and the Cat impressing the ladies

Carlo, Kylos and bodyguard

Captain Hefner and crew walk off with the Best Dressed award

Hef and his people

a couple of Armstrong's gals

The Gambinos

swingin' with Sam in the Stardust Lounge

more men in black

swingin' tonight

stylish swinger

cool cats


Vegas wise guys and gal

Carlo and compadre

dodgy deal

relaxing at Vegas

The Cat and friend

Vegas fun and frolics

Monsieur Martini

on stage action

swingin' at Ego

Tallulah and companion

suave and debonair cats

more sharp suits inevidence
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