The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow on Sunday 04.05.03

The Vegas Swings tour kicked off in Glasgow with a fabulous live set from Stoke's fantastic swingin' band The Fat Cats. This was a wondrously swingin' affair with a superbly dressed, immaculately stylish clientele and some fantastic dancers in the house. The atmosphere was electric right from the get-go. Glasgow swings once more.

The Fat Cats

stylish swingers

hustler's convention

Vegas gals having fun

sharp dressed man

Willie the Cat, Big G and the gals

wise guys

shady operator

swingin' tonight

the kilted millionaire

Swingin' JB

Sven Svendunnerson

Nikki and Kylos

Kylos the Jackal and furry friend

Big G on stage

stylish swingers

more sharp dressed cats

fancy dancers

glamorous gals

best dressed couple

luscious Lisa

Annie Copacabana

The Fat Cats

relaxation Vegas style

Dino Martini

Fat Cats at play

fancy dressers

Rick and Annie

more stylish customers

mafiosa cats

Vegas cool cats and kitsch kittens

dressed up for the occasion

on arrival at the Ferry

Kylos enjoying a pre-Vegas refreshment

Swingin' JB and his crew

The Fat Cats before the show

more Vegas swingers

nice frock

Frankie and the gals

Annie, Lisa and Nikki

Nikki lining up the drinks for the Vegas crew

Willie the Cat and the gals

sax appeal

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