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Vegas at The Camden Centre, London on Saturday 21.06.03 (Page 1)

Vegas crash-landed in swingin' London for a sensational show at the Camden Centre co-presented with our friends from Club Montepulciano. It was our first time in the big smoke but it cerainly won't be our last. A sizeable Scottish lounge expeditionary force was mobilised for the trip and joined forces with the southern swingin'  contingent for an unforgettable night. The photographic evidence presented here is merely the tip of a particularly funktastic, swingsational, loungealicious iceberg.

dancefloor divas

Carlo, JB and the Jackal

the Vegas girls are in town

stylish swingers

retro style

the Glaswegian delegation

Valerio adopting a typically camera-shy pose

Sophie Garner

Vegas, baby!

onstage antics with the gals

sophisticated couple

glamorous gal

another stylish member of the Vegas glitterati

The Jackal and the Chairman

Swingin' JB and Don Marco

Sven's classic "country gentleman" look

more swingin' supernovae

immaculately stylish retro chic

JB, the Don and the Jackal

Club M's urbane host with the most, Heilco

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