The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow on Saturday 28.06.03

London was a blast but it's always great to be back in Glasgow and what an extravagantly dressed crowd turned up at the Ferry! Superbly stylish, sophisticated, suave, sexy, sensational, swingers fit to grace any soiree.

sin-sational swingers

stylish sophisticats

Venus, Dino and Carolina

leopard-print chic

the cat's whiskers

Popeye the noo

stylish swingers

elegance personified

our limbo dancing champion

the boys are back in town

girls night out

more Vegas hipsters and hepcats

Glasgow glitterati

lookin' good

The Fezmaster's apprentice

best dressed couple

Lola and Frankie

cool cats

glamorous gal

Sticker and friend

in the shade

casual but chic

Swingin' JB places his bets

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