The VIP Room

Vegas at The Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh on Saturday 30.08.03

Vegas at the Ocean Terminal was a blast. The crowd was fantastically dressed and a wonderful time was had by all. Let the photographs speak for themselves.

a couple of naval officers enjoying shore leave

stylish swingers

fancy dancers

glamorous gals

Doug-O and companion

hepcat and kittens

suave and stylish

bunny gal

sophisticated couple

Baywatch refugee

Cap'n Hefner & the Las Vegas NYPD


maid to measure

country gentleman Big G & one of his feathered friends

best dancers

Best dressed competition winner

Guiye & Gala

Tango Argentina style

fancy footwork

on stage action

Kylos & Da Boss

Guiye & Gala strike a pose

Dino, Fi-Fi & Bugsy

Fi-Fi L'Amour

showgirls strike a pose

Venus & Carolina

The Jackal & Friends

Big G & companion

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