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Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh on Saturday 06.09.03

Vegas returned to Ego for another night of hedonism and hi-jinks distinguished by the ultra relaxed Kylos the Jackal taking a cool cat nap in the midst of all the debauchery. We always like to encourage an atmosphere of relaxation at Vegas and the Jackal's somnambulent snoozeathon was clearly in keeping with the club's carefully cultivated uber-stylish sophisticated ambience. Nevertheless yours truly, Mr. Sumatra, will endeavour to ensure that no-one ever falls asleep at Vegas again by implementing a strict "hard rockin'" musical policy at the merest hint of any behaviour of this clearly unacceptable kind. Senor the Jackal: I'm afraid this is a yellow card offence, amigo,though the leopard-print fez can certainly be used in mitigation.

dancing cheek to cheek

The Jackal Snoozeathon starts in earnest

still snoozin'

Smilin' Sam Jose

fancy dress capers

cool cat nap

top hat and tails

wise gal

Vegas mobsters

Miss Stree and the Jackal

The Great Brendini on a kamikaze mission

Brendini & Kylos

gangster gals

Senor Martini

emergency dollar supply

Cap'n Doug-O and companion welcomed aboard the good ship Vegas by Bugsy

lady in red

elegant outfit

Bugsy and companion

Sam & Nikki

Dino & Nikki

Stars in his Eyes

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