The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry 15.11.03

Vegas returned to the Ferry for another night of deliciously decadent depravity and stylish & sophisticated shenanigans and what a swellegant, elegant party it was. The sartorial standard was quite superb and there were so many fantastic photos we could barely fit them all into one page! Great people + great music + great outfits = a truly superb night. Bring on the next Vegas West Coast extravaganza: the Vegas Christmas Party on the Ferry on the 27th December.

the cat in the red hat

I'm getting married in the morning

lounge lizard and his lady

glamorous gals

elegance personified

suave swinger

that Riviera touch

wise guy

kitsch kittens

The "Bobby De Niro" pose

Vegas glitterati

stylish swingers

Venus's dad enjoying his birthday at Vegas

cool cats

Bugsy and amigo


gangster style

lookin' good

that's what I call a medallion!

Dexter St. Clair and his lady

looking good

Bugsy consorting with the young ladies? Surely not!


dancefloor antics

He's got the booze and the broad: it's gotta be Vegas

wine, women & song: that's the wonder of Vegas

relaxed, casual but sophisticated

Mr. Martini and Carolina Corleone

Carolina, Frankie and Venus

a motley crew if ever I saw one

Glaswegian glitz

bowling shirts are always in fashion at Vegas

Rick Hudson impressing the ladies with the size of his wad

Good ol' country boy and his gal

Glamour and Vegas are synonymous

Frankie and the gals

Venus gives her dad a birthday kiss

ready for a swinging night at Vegas


Swingin' JB & Don Marco

Nikki Nevada

loungin' at Vegas

Don Marco and his gal

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