The VIP Room

Vegas on The Ferry, Saturday the 27th of March 2004

Another fantastic night on the Ferry. What a sensational soiree stuffed with super swingers, suave sophisticats and stylish senoritas it was.

Limbo champion

Carlo and Nikki



stylish swingers

Blonde ambition...


Showgirl silhouette

Takin' the plunge at Vegas!

Smiles and style...

Black is obviously the new, er, black...


Carlo Gambino

Don Marco & Swingin' JB

Judy Blue-eyes

Dino & Nikki Nevada

Another glitzy couple

She's a winner!

Check that shirt!

Grinnin' in grey...

Judy Blue-eyes, Carolina Corleone and Nikki Nevada

Gimme 10, Al!l

Groovy couple

The Reverend Clinton?

Throwin' a shape at Vegas!

Sharp dressed man

'70s 'tache' man

It's Bugsy!

Roulette rendezvous

Eligible batchelor in Vegas!

Shades a-go-go!

Time to think?

Sweet Carolina

Judy Blue Eyes


black tie

Casino capers

Sophisticated Lady

Kilt capers


Smart dressed man

Swinging JB and Laura

Cool couple

dancing tight

Mr. Martini and his showgirls

Rock mops Bugsy's fevered brow

Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Champagne winners

On stage antics

Mr. Seagull

Fun at

Mr. Zoot Suit

Dino & the gals

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