The VIP Room

Vegas at The Ocean Terminal Saturday the 3rd April 2004

Vegas returned to the Ocean Terminal for an another amazing night at the most stylish shopping centre in the whole of the Leith and Granton area The Cat Pack performed live on stage and the joint was jumpin' with the coolest cats and kitschest kittys we've seen congregated in one cathouse for a long, long time.

The Cat Pack live on stage

more Cat Pack capers

smilin' Sam Jose

military man

nice hat

Willie the Cat and the gals

Dino, Carolina and Willie

stylish swinger

swingin' senoritas

behind the bar at Vegas

you can keep your fez on

glamorous gals

blow that sax

wise guys and doll

Frankie & the gals

swingin' the night away

keyboard capers

Tom and Andy


swingin' on the dancefloor

cool couple

Geisha girl and mustachioed man

breakfast at Lou's

packin' heat


in the army

diabolic frolics

Kylos & Sven

relaxing at Vegas

fanciest dancers



It's showtime!

cheeky chappies

The good Captain Hef and Miss Stardust Lounge

Judy & Jack

the house of blue lights

Captain Hefner and his ladies

cuttin' a rug at Vegas


Don Marco, Swingin' JB and ladies

The Jackal and amigos

Willie and Emma

Gangsta style

the officer and the bunnygirl

Natalia, Geno, Jayne & another guy

Vegas sophisticats

Sheik, rattle and roll

little red riding hood

Doctor Vegas & Judy

cowboy capers

reverential black eye

Emma & Tam


Dr. Vegas delivers another dancefoor diagnosis

Miss Seagull and friend

Carolina Corleone

Bugsy, Judy and the guy who thought it was the local rugby club dance

retro cat and kittens

live and direct from Vegas

Kylos & co.

don't tell a soul

on-stage antics

Stardust loungin'

blue mood

view from the balcony

Catfight at the Vegas Coral

dancefoor action

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