The VIP Room

The Vegas Beach Party at Ego on Saturday the 31st July 2004

It was all aboard The Loveboat as Vegas cruised into Honolulu via Acapulco for the hottest party of the year. The tide was high and surf was up as the Vegas swingers went on vacation Hawaiian style. Groovy!

1 and a half girls for every guy: so Vegas ain't quite Surf City but the odds are still pretty good

The mysterious disappearance of Flight 19 is solved: it didn't come down in The Bermuda Triangle ~ the pilot crash-landed at The Vegas Beach Party!

swellegant senoritas

Après beach dinner wear

Sam & sarong


glamorous gal and her escort

Rock 'n' roll beach party

Don't worry, Isla Vegas accepts Elvis dollars: better than traveller's cheques

The Loveboat crew disembark

more jet-setters fly in for the beach party

looks like Miss St. Tropez knows the way to Sam Jose!

smart-dressed man

in the shade

girls from Ipanema

Welcome to Isla Vegas!

wise guys are always dressed to impress, even on the beach

as the sun sets over Honolulu the party is just getting started

the après beach party is in full swing

I'm looking for The Dunes!

Bandido Doug-O and amigos

more holidaymakers join the fun and frolics

Mr. Detroit Swing himself

I got the green folding stuff; show me the party!

Hawaiian lady

swingers looking cool

Bugsy and Tamsin

high roller

Is this The Sands?

beach babe and her beau

champagne for two!

Life's a beach

Sven Svendunnersson


Tropez-cana gal

hot, hot , hot!

never get out of the boat!

Hey Bugsy! How did so many people get on our beach?

pineapple pranks

lookin' good

sinning with sharks

The Cat and The Showgirl

Isla Vegas' most feared predator (and an inflatable shark)

when showgirls attack!

stars in her eyes

photo frolics

sign-writer extraordinaire

It's a swingin' beach party on Isla Vegas

The Rut Pack's Beachwear Collection?

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