The VIP Room

Lost Vegas at Ego on Friday 13th August 2004

The graveyards, crypts and tombs all over town were empty as the earth disgorged it's malignant contents and ghouls, zombies, vampires, cadaverous cats and stiff kittys converged on Ego for a flesh-eating extravaganza of diabolical devilry, blood-sucking bacchanalia and gruesome grotesquerie. What a debauched night it was as the delegations of the dead dressed up in all their phantasmagorical finery and feasted on the vital organs and warm, pumping blood of the few live loungers who dared cross the threshold on this most unlucky of nights.

The corpse formerly known as Kylos the Jackal

swingin' socialites

zombie flesh eaters

Vampirella injects some Va-Va-Voom into the room

The devilishly delicious Dog-girl

retro rebels

cadaverous cats

silent movie stars come out to play at Lost Vegas

Tall Paul

The St. Valentine's Day Massacred

Natalia Tashinsky

old loungers don't die... they just rot away

the masked man

Judy Blue Eyes looking far too healthy for such an occult occasion

A typical Lost Vegas resident

Wise Guy takes a trip to the Dark Side

rock 'n' roll rebels

on stage electricity with Hi-Voltage


Judy and Natalia

Rocket from the Crypt

Don Marco and Kylos the Jackal


an authentic Lost Vegan and friend

Dino the Voodoo King

Dino "Dawn of the Dead" Martini and companion

ghoulish gals


glamorous ghouls

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