The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow on Saturday the 21st August 2004

What a night! Celebratin' 4 fantastic years of VEGAS! on the West Coast. This was the wildest floatin' birthday party imaginable, and it really was a night to remember! We had special guests The Boogaloo Investigators performing a fabulous funk-fuelled set which had the Vegas cats and kittens groovin' the night away on a packed dancefloor. A special thanks must go to the World Famous Pontani Sisters, who flew all the way from New York just so they could perform 4 of their unique Vegas-style burlesque routines on stage for the delectation and delight of the Vegas faithful. A truly magical night that'll live in our hearts & minds forever!

There was serious dance-floor action all night long!

VEGAS vinyl - makes a great hat, too!

Frankie Sumatra - finger poppin' daddy-o!

Sam Jose & the (semi dressed) Ms St. Tropez

Kylos, Sam and Sven make their point

Tara, Angie & Helen Pontani performing their Apache routine!

Bugsy, Venus, Nikki, Lulu and Rick on stage

Men with style always attract the glamorous gals!

Tara, Dino, Angie, Bugsy, Helen & Rick pose for posterity backstage

Pipemeister Sven Svendunnersson & Kylos The Jackal

Dino Martini, with the best (almost!) dressed winner.

The World Famous Pontaini Sisters on-stage at VEGAS

Monsignor Marco Rossi collecting a debt from Rick Hudson

Fabulously dressed to seriously impress!

The Pontani Sisters performing on-stage

Rick Hudson gets the point Sam!

Happy smilin' faces everywhere!

Another Pontani Sisters routine

Great night, great hat, great smile!

Super-stylish couple - cheers!

The Pontani Sisters with yet another routine

Tara, Angie and Helen Pontani captured in mid routine

Da Mob gettin' ready to hit the tables at the casino

The best moustache and the best sunglasses winners!

Beyond The Sea? Well, beyond the 'ferry anyway!

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