The VIP Room

Vegas 7th Birthday Party at the Ocean Terminal, Leith on Saturday the 13th November 2004

Vegas celebrated 7 years of swinging shenanigans in the Capital City with a wonderful party at the Ocean Terminal. Once again the OT provided the perfect setting for Vegas and thanks must be given to classy crooner Craig McMurdo and his Orchestra for getting the Vegas hepcats and kittens swinging on the dancefloor straight from the get-go. Craig and his crew delivered a nicely judged set of classic Vegas material which set the tone for what was to prove to be a great night. Button Up changed the musical mood and appealed to the cognoscenti with a groovy set of dancefloor jazz. And what can I say about the wonderful Miss Lily White? Her "Light My Fire" routine was hotter than lobster-red Rio sunburn. Suffice to say Miss White wove yet another golden thread into the rich tapestry that is the Vegas Experience. The Vegas crowd were the real stars of the show though and it was great to see so many cool cats, kitsch kittys, solid-gone groovers, hip-shakin' movers, glamorous glitterati, lounge lizards, hipsters, hepcats and hedonists converging on Ocean Terminal. What a swell party it was!

Light My Fire

Button Up

Miss Lily White sets the night on fire

on stage antics

Red hot Lily White

Burn, baby burn

dancing chic to chic

the gals are all here

The G fella and accomplices

Sgt. Pepper ain't no lonely heart

cocktails for two

Sven's younger brother surely?

Don Marco and lady friend

lookin' good

a swinging couple

Dino dispensing gifts

Jack The Hat, Bugsy and the gals

Mr Detroit Swing & partner scoop the prize for "best swing dancers"

Jack and Sam

Craig's backing vocalists

Blow your horns boys!

The name's McMurdo but you can call me Mr. Wonderful!

the guys just can't resist the showgirls

showgirls on parade

Mr Detroit Swing in pensive mood

Miss St. Tropez

Miss Lily White

Would the other 3/4s of my barbershop quartet please report to the stage?

Why settle for one drink when you can have 5?

Miss Nikki Nevada

Messrs Gambino, Svendunnersson and friends

the lady in red and an old flame?

oriental and exotic

Tamsin & Emma

Kylos The Jackal and amigos

elegant lady


The Seagulls

Judy & Nikki

Craig crooning

Sven looking debonair

Who let Timmy Mallet in?

Swingin' JB

The Jackal

arriving at Vegas

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