The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow on Saturday 6th November 2004

Vegas at the Ferry is always full of sharp-suited cats, kitsch kittys, groovin' gangsters and happenin' hipsters. Needless to say this was no exception and another Glaswegian Summit of Swing passed into the annals of Vegas history. The fabulous Ferry just gets better & better!

Judy Blue Eyes

Weegie wise guy

havin' a ball at Vegas

looks like Rear Admiral Hudson has lost his hat!

sharp-suited hombre

swingin' the night away

Rear Admiral Hudson relaxing

sharp dressed man

Rock and Bugsy

Lenny Kravitz and his minders

Spinning wheel of fortune

Cool cat and his classy kitty

high rollers

a group of gals havin' a swingin' time at Vegas

Fedora'd fella and companion

Rear Admiral Rick and shipmate

Glaswegian glitterati

Master G & Swingin' JB lookin' shady

dancefloor action

Vegas wise guys

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