The VIP Room

Vegas at The 'Ferry (Glasgow) on Saturday the 21st of APRIL 2007

The West Coast Vegas crowd produced yet another brilliant night on board the Ferry, and there were some truly spectacular outfits on display from the cats & kittens. The Stardust Casino was, as ever, packed with high-rollers having a great time playing blackjack & roulette'. Meanwhile, Frankie Sumatra hit the crowd with the tunes that made absolutely sure they kept dancin' all night long!

The debonair Bugsy Seagull with the lovely 'Lashes' Las Vegas

A superbly stylish, smiling, couple of swells!

The three amigos!

Two more lovely ladies, lookin' real good!

All dressed-up, so VEGAS is obviously THE place to go!

The legendary "Fabulous Four" - always lookin' good at VEGAS!

Stylish monochrome minx

Laura - looking lovely as usual!

Terrific trio of gangster gals!


Great pearly-whites, great pearls too!

Havin' some fun - VEGAS! style!

Action on the dance floor and the stage

Great cap, great shades, great style!

Dino Martini - even his socks smell of success!

Stylish moves on the dancefloor!

Another dancefloor diva!

These two lovely ladies look oh-so pretty in pink!

Amber Alabama with the 'most stylishly dressed' winner

A very happy couple!

'Marilyn' - glamorous as ever!

The sensational Kittie Klaw

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