The VIP Room

Vegas at The Ocean Terminal, Leith on May 12th 2007

Vegas welcome the legendary Royal Crown Revue from Los Angeles, California to the Ocean Terminal and what a night it was! The coolest cats and kittens converged on Leith to make it a night to remember. The outfits were stylish, the dancing superb and Royal Crown Revue were simply sensational!

Photos by Loraine Ross

the lady in the blue dress

Nikki and Kitty

Nikki Nevada and Lady Lush

Mr. John Hatton, one of the coolest guys in show business

workin' that Hatton magic

on stage action

Daniel and John

Tamsin Tennessee

beatin' that bass!

dancing to RCR

full of eastern promise

after the show with Kitty and John


Mr. Martini

Armstrong's gals

John schmoozing with the Vegas cats and kittens

Mr. Seagull in his suit

relaxing at Vegas

Lady Lush

Nikki Nevada


Nikki and Lashes

who needs a drum kit?

Miss Lily White

lookin' good at Vegas

Lashes and friends

Fabulous fan dance

stylish as ever

Lily in action

Miss White

elegance personified


Jack the Hat


Lookin' good, Lily!

fabulous finale!

Lush life

lookin' good!

Nevada state of mind

havin' a ball at Vegas!

Miss Daiquiri Dusk

Dancin' from Dusk 'til dawn

on stage action

Wild Card Kitty

gorgeous in green!

Tamsin Tennessee

glamorous gals

Nikki Nevada and the girls

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