The VIP Room

VEGAS! at eGo, Edinburgh - on Saturday the 30th June 2007

The club was swinging like a gate to the most mellifluous sounds, and was full with all the hippest, sharpest dressed cats and kittens in town. A magnificent time was had by all and the joint was jumpin', all night long.

Another very stylish couple...

Two stylish ladies, and Champagne!

Fabulous outfit!

Howdy, Sheriff!

Simply stunning smile & style!

Who's this 'shady' character? Schhhh - it's 'you-know-who' (JP Mason)

Dino Martini - lookin a bit shady...

Our most 'stylishly dressed' winner

Two sensationially stylish swing-dancers!

The Sheriff and the saloon singer...

The lovely Lady Lush

Very cool dude!

'Best Dressed' winner & her prize!

A new Showgirl - New Jersey Jill

Who's this 'ere?

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