The VIP Room

The VEGAS! Garden Party, Edinburgh - on Saturday the 14th of July 2007

Princes Street Gardens was the setting for the most stylish Garden Party of the year, featuring The Jazz Hustlers, Missy Malone, Frankie Sumatra, Bugsy Seagull, Sam Jose & Dino Martini - plus the glamorous Vegas Showgirls, and The Famous Scott Brothers in The Stardust Lounge Casino. The evening also included a VERY special romantic moment - a proposal of marriage! (and the lady said YES!).

The Circus Strongman!

Showgirls + Dollars = GOOD TIMES!

The sensational JAZZ HUSTLERS

Stunning style & a super smile!

It was a VERY special night for this couple!

The very moment he popped the question - as it actually happened!

Two absolutely stunning gorgeous gals!

Dancefloor action!

Four Garden Party goers, having maximum fun!

Great outfits, ladies!

Mamma & Pappa Malone

Stylish socialising on the dancefloor.

Pouting and pretty poses!

Missy Malone on stage.

Tres chic!

The hula-hoop girl!

The Circus came to the party too!


Missy Malone

Smoth operator on the dancefloor!


Dino & the 'best dressed' winner.

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