The VIP Room

Vegas at The Ferry, on Saturday the 1st of SEPTEMBER 2007

Another great cruise on-board the Ferry at VEGAS! in Glasgow where, as per usual, the crowd were utterly fantastic! The Glasgow gang really know how to let their hair down and party - everybody was swingin' like a gate all night long!

The gorgeous, glamorous gals who won the limbo dancing contest!

She's the Joker in the pack!

Here's a VERY stylish gent!

Well, 'howdy', cowboy!

Super-stylish couple

A quartet of superbly sophisticated & stylish ladies

Havin' a ball!

She's the real deal - with her own calling-card!

Beautiful in blue!

Another couple of glamorous gals!

Another two smiling, stylish ladies

'Bracing' themselves for a fun-packed night at Vegas!

Still smiling!

Gein' it laldy on the dance floor!

Everyone's having fun at Vegas tonight!

The Goddess in green!

The 'most stylishly dressed' winner!

As per usual, the dancefloor was packed!

Our Little Red vixen...


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