The VIP Room

VEGAS! at The Connect Festival, Inverarary, on Sunday the 2nd of SEPTEMBER 2007

A rather unusual venue for VEGAS! - inside a tent, in the gloriously muddy grounds of the Connect Fest in Argyll. We had the sensational Jazz Hustlers playing a live set, and another simply superb set from The Counsellors. Along with the most glamorous collection of Showgirls ever assembled under one roof, there was also the stellar line-up of DJ's - 'Jack-The-Hat', 'Felonious Monk', 'Sam Jose', 'Dino Martini', 'Bugsy Seagull' and, of course, VEGAS! head-honcho 'Frankie Sumatra'. At first, many of the festival crowd were somewhat bemused, but they quickly got the hang of the casino which helped them to let their hair down, and then they partied like there was no tomorrow!

Showgirls in the dark!

'Jack-The-Hat' on the wheels-of-steel!

The Sam Jose-Felonious Monk double-act!

Tartan-suited Sam Jose

Bugsy Seagull 'pulls' Lashes Las Vegas!

Presenting the one and only Bugsy Seagull...

Backstage shot of Sam Jose

Lashes Las Vegas on stage with Jack-The-Hat

Wild Card Kitty

The always-bubbly Nikki (and Mini) Nevada!

Miss Tamsin Tennessee

Pretty in pink - Miss Nikki Nevada

The mysterious Mister Missouri...

Jack - without his hat!

Stylish couple (with warm cider...)

A question of style. "Which style?" is the question..

Another winner - but who's got the best headress?

Backstage pic of Frankie Sumatra

Miss Daquiri Dusk

Smilin' Sam Jose

Miss Dakota Diamond

Miss Amber Alabama

Miss Misty Missouri

The Councellors, featuring Becc Sanderson on vocals

More clowning about!

Clowning around in-tent!

It's not Gordon's gin, it's the Showgirls'

Caught in the act! Dino and Lashes in tongue-wrestling scandal!

Connecting at the festival!

The Jazz Hustlers in action

The lovely Rachel - one of the croupiers

The 'facilities' were, er, slightly less-than-sophisticated!

Lashes Las Vegas loves leopardskin!


Backstage with all the Showgirls

Clearly enjoying the festival atmosphere!

On-stage action!

Stylish couple 'connecting' on the dance floor!

The 'best-dressed' winners!

Mister & Misty Missouri!

Lashes Las Vegas

Dino, looking somewhat, er, 'relaxed' about everything!

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