The VIP Room

VEGAS! 10th Birthday Party pics (taken by Loraine Ross) at Ocean Terminal on the 27th of October 2007

What a fantastic crowd! See if you can spot yourself or your friends...

Loraine - lookin's good!

Craig 'Mr Wonderful' McMurdo on stage

VEGAS!! co-hosts 'Dino Martini' and 'Bugsy Seagull'

A rather 'shady' couple...

Stylish patrons arriving for the party...

Fantastic in fur & pearls.

The highly elegible Wild Card Kitty...

Craig & his spangly red jacket...

Stylish couple, ready to party...

Two of the ultra-glamorous showgirls!

Great smile - and style!

Misty Missouri pictured with a stylish party-goer

In the Stardust Casino...

Polka-dotted party-goer!

Another happy couple!

Dancing cheek-to-cheek?

Bugsy Seagyull & Nikki Nevada on-stage!

Wild Card Kitty

say "Cheese"....

Three very glamorous gals...

...and two very sharp guys!

Great styles, and superb smiles!

Judy Blue-Eyes and another happy couple!

The man with the secret smile...


Another great outfit!

HB Radke - All the way from the USA....

Great pose on the dancefloor!

Shakin' it up on the dancefloor!

Fabulously stylish gal!

Miss Tamsin Tennessee

Miss Nikki Nevada - the Vegas Showgirl Queen of 'bling'

'Sam Jose' in Showgirl sandwich!

Bugsy Seagull - always smiling!

Spectacular dancefloor diva!

Gangsters & gals galore!

James and Kittie

VEGAS! Showgirls on-stage

Miss Virginia Gemstone & Miss Tamsin Tennessee

Miss Amber Alabama & Miss Virginia Gemstone

The Arabian Prince and the Gladiator

Showgirls on stage

Miss Misty Missouri

"This Is Elvis" in action....

Count Dracula....

"This Is Elvis" with two of his close personal friends....

Miss Kittie Klaw

Kittie on stage...

"This Is Elvis!

All shook up...

Viva Las Vegas

"This Is Elvis" with his spectacular outfit on-stage.

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