The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry on Saturday the 24th April 2004

ALL ABOARD! The most stylish and swingin' crowd in town stroll down the Ferry

gangplank for another fun-filled night of gamblin', dancin', and romancin'.

Peepers wearing 'cheaters'

Star-like and super-stylish

A pack of real sharp-cards, or are they just a pack of card-sharks?

If you wanna get ahead, get a hat!

A diamond dame!

Nikki Nevada, Carolina Corleone & Judy

Rick Hudson & Bugsy Seagull on stage

Carolina & Nikki

Ready to take a gamble?

Nikki Nevada on-stage

A lady with an 'Ace outfit'!

Havin' a great time in VEGAS!

VEGAS! - a hair-raising experience!

A coupla real cute kittens

Carlo the Jackal: Feztastically supercool!

Sarong-style, and a sweet smile

Carolina on stage

A couple of real stylish Dudes

Did she get lucky in the casino?

Elliot Ness at the bar in VEGAS!

Bugsy & the 'best dressed' winner

Monkeying-around - The Chairman & Nikki Nevada!

Havin' a swingin time at VEGAS!

Relaxin' in style, at VEGAS!

Who's this shady-lady?

Hold on to yer hat!

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