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Senor Love Daddy’s top ten cruising classics
Hey there chicks and chihuahuas, how’d you like to go for a cruise with your good buddy Senor Love Daddy. Heaven’s in the back seat of my cadillac, baby , let me take you there. Don’t touch that knob,baby, because Senor Love Daddy’s got the hottest soundtracks stacked. So let’s unpack the hip tracks, Jack:


Willie Bobo Spanish Grease   Verve LP 1965
Funky latin jazz rock pioneer Willie Bobo at his finest. If you ain’t hip to this kat he’s one of the baaadest dudes on the latino block. Let’s go cruisin’ in Cali’, baby. Bobo on the boomin’ system, a couple of sexy senorita’s in the back of my soft top cadillac...


War Galaxy   MCA 45 1977
If psychedelic space funk is your bag, baby, this one will take you into orbit. This is the extra special extraterrestial vibe. Let these guys take you to the stars, see what life is like on Jupiter and Mars. Turn the dial up to 10,space chicks, and blast this one out of your speakers till the cops come knockin’.
3. Stevie Wonder Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing   Motown 45 1973
My good buddy from Puerto Rico, “El Suavacito”, Johnny Cassanova, self-proclaimed gangster of the groove, bandito of the beat and world-renowned authority on all things funky told me during a mercifully brief crisis in my life when I temporarily misplaced the funk and started dancing like a white boy. “Take a double dose of this tune twice daily and in no time you’ll be firin’ on full funk power”. Sure enough, not only did I soon stop coming over all caucasian, I got so damned funky my trousers exploded.
4. William De Vaughan Be Thankful for what You’ve Got   Roxbury Records 45 1974
“Diamond in the back, sun roof top, diggin’ the scene with a gangster lean.” This track is so relaxed it’s loungin’ poolside at Dino’s retreat right now sweet talkin’ broads, catchin’ rays and knockin’ back martini’s.
5. Joe Bataan The Bottle “Nuyorican hits of the 70’s” Charly LP 1997
Gil Scott Heron’s classic stripped down to the bare essentials, fine-tuned and put back together again with the funk factor fired up to 10 by latino soul supremo Joe Bataan.
6. Santana Oye Como Va   Columbia 45 1970
Tito Puente’s original latino party anthem given the Santana treatment. As with Willie Bobo’s “Evil Ways”, Carlos took classic material and rehashed it, reheated it and served it up again to a hungry audience. It still tasted pretty good second time around.
7. Mongo Santamaria


From “Hey,Let’s Party” CBS LP 1966
Mongo’s syncopated percussion takes Mick and Keith’s best track on an unforgettable journey to the sordid back streets of Havana and shows it a very good time indeed. Reminds me of my 7th birthday treat from uncle Ramon in many ways.
8. Hector Lavoe

Cuando, Cuando, Cuando

From “Latin Tunes” Edgar LP 1998
Polyrythmic fireworks from Senor Lavoe. Takes me back to the halcyon days of the legendary Club Tropicana and Chico the mamboing poodle. Such sweet memories
9. Jose Feliciano Chico and the Man   BMG 45 1975
One night in Havana a canine Mambo champion strayed into the path of an madman’s bullet while a certain male compadre,amigo, lover (but not in an unnatural and sordid way, rather in the beautiful,innocent,uncomplicated way a man can love a dog) watched helplessly. Chico was that dancing dog. And yes, I was that man.Our song.
10. The Gypsy Kings

Hotel California

From “The Big Lebowski” soundtrack   1998
Latino country rock with a flamenco flavour. A very pleasurable and exotic concoction indeed. Latino country rock. It’s seems so natural, so healthy, so right you wonder why there’s not much,much more of it.The perfect combination. Like Senor Love Daddy as the salami in a “senorita sandwich”,if you know what I mean.


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