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VEGAS - The Superbly Swinging Vegas West Coast Launch @ The Renfrew Ferry - Saturday 22nd July 2000.

It was only a matter of time before the Vegas phenomenon became just too explosive to keep contained within Edinburgh city limits and as predicted we had to detonate this clubbing sex bomb on the West Coast under strictly controlled conditions. The test site was The Renfrew Ferry on The Clyde. A bus load of highly explosive Vegas regulars were put in position by the Vegas scientific team and a judicious amount of volatile Glaswegian elements added to the highly unstable mix. Munitions expert Dr. Sumatra lit the blue touch paper and retired to a safe distance behind the record decks. Needless to say the seismic shock waves of the resulting Vegas explosion were recorded by the earthquake monitoring department of the University of Wallamazoo deep in the Australian outback. In fact Professor Bruce "Beer Monster" Beresford claimed the tremors knocked over a few tins of the wet stuff and nearly forced them to close the sheep dip early.

Vegas fashion guru wearing his pint
East coast Vegas missionary getting directions to the nearest tanning salon
Wonderwoman to the rescue West coast permatans much in evidence on the dancefloor

loungin' in the stardust casino
Vegas fly-girls hangin' with Elvis. These girls know that good skin toning is an esoteric art form only understood in the West and yet to be exported eastwards

tripping the light fanstastico
Frankie & Bugsy cutting no ice with their East Coast pallor. Even George Hamilton would look pasty here

the gang's all here
The fabulous Scott Brothers looking suave, relaxed and moderately tanned

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