The VIP Room

Vegas at the Barrowlands 10.11.01 Part 2

Yes we've got even more photos from the Barrowlands shindig. So many photos, so little space. Suffice to say we had so many sharp dressed cats and swinging kittens we could have filled many more pages with the photographic evidence. A big thanks to all of you hipsters and hepcats, wise guys and dolls, gangsters and their molls for helping make it such a memorable night.

Gangster chic

Wise guys and dolls

Crooning the night away with Ray

The gang are all here

More swingers

On stage with Fi Fi

Sam Jose and Mrs. Seagull dance the night away

Bugsy and the "G" ster

More mobsters relaxing in their natural habitat

A couple of the Flyright gang

Frankie & Lola

Tony "Da Wig" Tarantino in typically casual pose

More on stage action

Not another photo of Big G surely!

The Flyright Dance Co. team photo

A couple of Vegas mobsters

The G man and Funkmaster Fryer in pensive mood

Hanging out at Vegas

The Ray Gelato Giants
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