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Vegas at the Ocean Terminal 13.04.02

We've just received these great photos of the Ocean Terminal gig courtesy of photographer Jake Peet who has kindly sent us his snaps from the night. And very good they are too. The Ocean Terminal must have been the most photographed Vegas event ever with loads of snap happy paparazzi in evidence. We can't wait for the next OT event on Saturday 31st August.

stars and stripes

On-stage antics with Bugsy and Lola

showgirl and friend

Bugsy on the mike!

an officer and a gentleman

cool dude impressing the ladies

Venus Las Vegas

Bugsy and Lola

Tall Paul and his smokin' 45

taking a well earned rest

braced for action

Elvis is in the building

all the bunny girls love a sailor

Lulu Las Vegas

fresh from the fairways

The King

nice wig

shady fella!

the Hugh Hefner look always works

chic to chic


if you want to get ahead get a hat

pointing in the right direction

Kyles getting even more mileage out of that safari suit!

the incredible pointing man strikes again!

quick on the draw

military man

the quintessential shopping centre accessory

a pensive Kyles and friend

style may be ephemeral but good tailoring lasts

say ah!

50/50 vision

sharp suits and shades always get the girl


restrained and elegant always works

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