The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry 20.07.02

Vegas West Coast celebrated its second birthday party on the Renfrew Ferry with the sensational Fat Sam's Swing Band and a boatload of swinging cats and kittys. Two years of hedonism, high jinks, hot pies, piracy, pakora, partying, roulette, romance, righteousness, booze, broads and blackjack on the high seas (OK: on a boat docked on the Clyde). It hardly seems like yesterday when the Vegas crew first sailed into port on the Renfrew Riviera and brought their own inimitable brand of fun,frolics and pasty-faced palor to the land of the "Glasgow tan." Twenty four months and a good tanning salon later and we feel like we're part of the furniture."Respect is most definitely due to the West Coast posse" whatever the hell that means.

Fat Sam's smokin' the joint

Mrs. Seagull

the cat in the leopard print suit

another Vegas wise guy

Fat Sam's Band in full effect

It's showtime ladies and gentlemen

cats in hats and glamorous friend

say cheese

a pair of smart operators

it sure beats keepin' it in the bank

looking sharp

Dino Martini
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