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Vegas's tribute The King, Glasgow 17.08.02

Vegas paid tribute to the King with a swingin' party to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Elvis shuffling off the mortal coil, leaving the building and taking up residence in the great holiday resort in the sky. He's hanging with Frankie, Dino and the rest of the gang, headlining Heaven's great casino complex with star-studded show every evening and an extra matinee show on weekends. Needless to say Elvis fans flocked to the Ferry dressed in Kingly attire for a night of fun and frolics. The photographic evidence follows.


The Benny Hill show?

the girls are here

Elvis Prestwick, the Ryanairs and the girls

the King holds court

regal refreshment

best dressed Elvis and a bottle of bubbly

The Ryanairs in full flight

Frankie and the girls

fabulous Ferry folk

Ryanairs relaxing

Elvis Prestwick and friend

the Elvis girls

the King just can't shake those showgirls

a brace of Elvi

Rick, Dino and Fi-Fi

Dino's got his hands full

another hot consignment of Elvis impersonators arrives

a toast to the King

bossa nova baby

more kingly attire

Bugsy and Rick

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