The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh 19.10.02

Vegas at Ego is always a swingin' party and needless to say the glittering guests were the star of the show.

the cat in the red suit

cowgirls and bandidos

Lacey La Bamba

another glamourous Vegas guest

the mobster and the showgirl

Jane and friend

another stylish swinger

and the winner is..

sharp shooters

relaxing in the Stardust Lounge

on-stage antics

smilin' Sam Jose

three's company

looking good in leopard print

bandits at the roulette table

Bugsy and the girls

looking good girls

sharp dressed men

your friendly local dollar dispensary

Dino in action

Los Bandidos

Mr Suddon relaxing

swinging sophisticates

Annie enjoying a cocktail

the VIP list at Austin Powers' swingin' bachelor party
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