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Vegas in New York, 22/23/24.11.02

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Well what can I say? Vegas in New York: what a weekend! From the moment we touched down in the Big Apple we were given the red carpet treatment from the NYC swingers. Friday we visited the Rainbow Room and dined and danced the night away to the swingin' sounds of George Gee. It was at the Rainbow Room that we first met Fredo and Tommy White Tie's crew. These cats and kittens were the sharpest dressed swingers we've ever seen and knew all the fancy dance moves. On Saturday evening before the club we were invited to a swingin' cocktail party at the Edison Hotel by NYC lounge luminaries Mr.Gerard and Big Al. Wow! What an evening! Al and Mr.G. had installed the biggest drinks cabinet we've ever seen into that hotel suite and we proceeded to drink the joint dry. Dino had to be decanted out of the hotel and into Jack's Joint by a team of specialist engineers and long-term damage to his liver was narrowly averted as the existing protective coating of liquor around his innards prevented the evening's prodigious intake of booze doing any further damage. Sadly Mr.G's drinks cabinet was not so lucky and sustained fatal damage. As for Vegas itself? This was one of those "where were you when...?" moments. Never to be forgotten by those who were present. 300 hipsters and hepcats packed into Jack's Joint and the clash of cultures between the Scots and the Americans and the veritable smorgasbord of variety in our live music line-up ensured an eclectic, electric and excellent night. Cocktail Angst were the epitome of lounge lizard cool, Seks Bomba were fun and funky, Jet Set Six were the quintessential Vegas party band and G-Clef and da Houndz took swing in a whole new, innovative direction. Sunday night at Nell's and Frankie Sumatra and Dino Martini took the field in the "battle of the d.j.'s" competition against Tommy White Tie and his U.S. buddies. All this and the sensational Veronica Martell and Big City Swing. A cool way to end the weekend. And finally on Tuesday evening Leslie from the very wonderful Atomic magazine showed Lola and I the town and we stopped off at Waikiki Wally's tiki bar for a few intoxicating Tidal Wave cocktails.The perfect end to the perfect trip.

The Pontani Sisters

Viva les Pontanis

Performing Pontanis

Jet Set Six

JS-6's specially extended line-up!

John Ceperano

the Caledonian ambassador for culture

those Caledonian cats again

sax appeal


more fun and frolics with the Jack's pack

Frankie, Dino and Sammy have never looked so good

The Pontanis rat pack routine

dancefloor action

stylish sophisticats

the caledonian connection spreads the word

live and direct from Jack's Joint

swaying to the music

Seks Bomba

Master G

outside the Gershwin

Nell's nightclub
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